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Don't Wake Him Up by Wolvengra
Don't Wake Him Up
Even though Darlan IS covered up and he has nothing to show I felt it appropriate to make this picture Adult Content. ANYWAY Padme4000 is an absolute fan-girl for this pairing, I can see why too. The idea of a m-quarian/m-krogan is an interesting idea in my opinion. SO to thank Padme for her hard work I made this for her. :3

Lenn'Den and Darlan models by Padme4000 (Love my new Lenn models!) (Character ideas however belong to me, please don't use them. :3)
Made and posed in XNALara.
Credits for inspiration of GETTING an unmasked Quarian goes directly to Frik111. (Seriously this guy does some FANTASTIC Quarian artwork. :3)
Weapons by nach77.
Note... Please do not ask me for Lenn'Den's model because I will not give him out. xD Also I think a generic one will be coming out soon.
All rights reserved to ©Bioware! No copyright infringement intended! I'm not redistributing these models for money! This is just for fun, I respect companies who work on every game. Please always credit the companies behind the models and don't use them for your own profit.
Lenn'Den vas Rannoch Outfit comparison by Wolvengra
Lenn'Den vas Rannoch Outfit comparison
YES! IT IS I! I have returned, somewhat at least. xD Sorry for the hiatus, I got sucked into playing Second Life AND I got a new boyfriend! Loads of new ideas to share with my watchers, loads indeed! Anyway I thought I'd kick off my return with a preview of the Shadow-Squad's sexy Quarian Leader... Lenn'Den vas Rannoch! Now I wanted to showcase his four attires... Granted it's not much BUT WHATEVER! :3 Anyway I've gotten new models for Nela (The Asari) as well as Darlan (The Krogan) and Desis (The Turian) thanks to the ever so talented Padme4000Whom has been a VERY instrumental part in helping me shape the Shadow-Squad, how she's managed to put up with my dumbassery is still a mystery! Seriously this girl is amazing and I WOULD NOT have the models that I have now or the the Squad's unique looks without her. So that being said, Padme, Thank you for the time and effort you've put into this project with me and being an awesome friend. Seriously THANK YOU!

Lenn'Den vas Rannoch (Original Idea for his personality) belongs to me.
Lenn'Den Models by Padme4000.
Mass Effect/EA/Bioware
No copyright infringement intended. this is a fan-created work for non-commercial use
Shadow-Squad vs Blue Suns (WIP) by Wolvengra
Shadow-Squad vs Blue Suns (WIP)
I submitted this once before but was worried that it was a little to much. Now why am I submitting it you ask? I just don't give a fuck anymore. I plan to do more with this of course when I have the desire to, I REALLY like how this turned out.

Lenn'Den vas Rannoch, Urdnot Darlan Nela Iryria and Vincenzo "Enzo" Aparo by Padme4000.
Weapons by nach77.
Barbaric Blade by MoogleOutFitters
Blue Suns by Just-Jasper


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Richard ***** *******
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Wouldn't you like to know!!! :D
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Almighty, so I'm on vacation with my grandfather and my uncle, got down to Florida yesterday after my flight was delayed. That didn't bother me as much because there was fog everywhere and I wanted my watchers to know where I am lol. Anyway! My grandfather took me shopping today and we went to two different Baells stores to see if they had different things I liked, loved the first one, bought a new shirt and new jeans with six pockets (... I am one happy mother Tucker about the pockets, but they were also VERY COMFY!) At the other Baells store though, their selection was less than stellar and their store was bigger. Sure I liked some of the clothing their but it was full of NOTHING that I would normally wear, that's not what burnt me up. I found a nice white t-shirt with a worn out look to it I love in my shirts without it being worn out. The shirt was 5 dollars according to the sign, now remember that price for later.

I was at the register the first time, didn't notice the shirt I had in my size was without a proper price tag, I got out of line grabbed what I thought was the right shirt. I'd grabbed a different one by accident and then felt embarrassed for not paying attention, when I come back the woman behind me was already ahead of me with the same clerk, I don't blame the clerk for doing that, I hate holding up lines anyway, however when he asked the lady in front of me if I could go ahead of her and she said yes, I'm thinking that was really nice. THEN I finally noticed I had the wrong shirt from the same rack. I was embarrassed and had to hop out of line again, the clerk's kindness is the only reason I didn't leave.

NOW the third time I was in line, I had everything right and was feeling good about it. I was ready to get my shirt and leave with it. I get it rang up, sales clerk looks at me and says "okay sir, you owe 10. 98," I look at the clerk and say "Could you repeat that price again?" He said it again, I was thinking he made a mistake and at this point I mentally said "duck this shot I'm done." Which translates vocally to "Thank you very much but I don't need it." And walked on out. Moral of the story is, If it says five dollars on the rack and there are more of that EXACT same shirt in different colors, make sure the shirt is what it's suppose to be priced.

Now I don't like getting mad and angry, I am not a nice person when I am. Ask any of my friends who have seen me mad over something so FRWAKING STUPID and they'll tell you it's not pretty. The sad thing is, I'll agree with them and today? I didn't do that, I didn't raise he'll about it, I didn't get as angry as I thought. On the way back to my Uncle's house I realized "Wow, I'm not the same angry prick I use to be... YAY!!!!"


IT'S MORPHIN' TIME by SpiderTrekfan616

Me personally I think that this is a very big step up from your normal stuff. My only suggestion would be this, for your Ranger's ninja...

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